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West Yorkshire's Economy at a Glance

West Yorkshire is a land-locked county in the northern UK with a population of around 2,227,400 people. The county is one of the many in the UK that has been able to roll with the economic changes in history and evolve its economy to adapt to the new financial environments. The county developed much of its economy through agriculture, but it has been shifting towards a service-based economy that has been experiencing significant growth in recent years.

Top Jobs in West Yorkshire

The wool mills and cloth manufacturing companies that flourished in West Yorkshire in the past are still part of the county's modern economic landscape. But the real push in recent years has been to change cities such as Leeds from its manufacturing-based economy to one that relies on financial services. Insurance companies, banks and other financial institutions have been setting up shop in Leeds and other West Yorkshire cities and that has caused the services sector to see a significant gain in employment opportunities.

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