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West Midlands Economy at a Glance

West Midlands is the second largest county in the UK with a population of 2,378,100. The space in West Midlands is limited to only 902 square kilometers, which means that there is a lot of industry and opportunity packed into one place when it comes to West Midlands. The county is broken down into seven boroughs with the largest, Birmingham, being one of the sites of the industrial revolution in the UK. Since the 19th century, the economy of West Midlands has continued to evolve and prosper.

Top Jobs in West Midlands

Food manufacturing, medical services, and technology manufacturing are the primary industries in West Midlands. Companies such as Coors Brewers and Marston's Brewery lead a long list of food-base companies that call West Midlands home. Technology companies such as Invotec Group and medical manufacturers such as Numark Pharmacy are leading the way in offering employment opportunity for the people of West Midlands.

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