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Textile and Apparel Overview Many different types of jobs fall within the textile and apparel industry. The industry encompasses positions as diverse as textile design, textile manufacturing, specialised textiles for such fields as the medical industry or for interior design purposes, clothing design and others. Great Britain is a leader in the textile manufacturing and apparel industry. More than 35 million people are directly employed in the textile and apparel industry in the UK, and employment can be expected to remain stable in this field. Why Work in Textile and Apparel? People who work in the textile and apparel industry may expect working hours of 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m Monday through Friday, with additional hours during increased periods of demand. While the salary varies depending on the employer, those working in the industry may expect starting salaries of around £15,000 to £20,000, with more experienced workers earning around £28,000. Senior designers may command salaries in excess of £40,000. Textile and Apparel CV Templates A textile and apparel CV template is a terrific option for people preparing to seek work in the industry. Textile and apparel CV templates are written by industry experts. They are designed to highlight the specific skills and qualifications needed in the field. The CV generally includes both a professional summary to immediately make an applicant stand out, followed by industry-specific skills. Using a textile and apparel CV template may help people avoid writer's block while focusing their attention to inputting the information most desired.

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