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Surrey's Economy at a Glance Modern, successful and rich in cultural and land assets, Surrey boasts one of the most productive economies in the nation. Nearly 62,000 businesses make Surrey home, and just fewer than 300 of them employ at least 200 workers. The labour force here is highly qualified and receives a higher average wage than the rest of the nation. Unemployment is low, economic activity is high, in part because some of the world's leading corporations make their regional or national headquarters here. In fact, Surrey has more company headquarters than any other county in Great Britain, and there are also a number of non-governmental organisations and quangos. Top Jobs in Surrey Half of all jobs in Surrey are higher-ranking positions such as managers and workers in professional and technical occupations. More than 135,000 jobs are held in the financial and business services sector, and that number is expected to grow over the next decade. Other growth industries in the region include pharmaceuticals, electrical and mechanical engineering, advanced manufacturing and computer, gaming, digital and creative industries. How to Get Hired A polished, compelling CV highlights your professional accomplishments, skills and potential, and is the first step to earning your target job in Surrey. LiveCareer helps you compose and refine your CV with hundreds of helpful CV samples for countless job titles.

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