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Staffordshire's Economy at a Glance More than 29,000 businesses keep Staffordshire's economy flourishing, leading to a region that enjoys high economic activity and unemployment that is about half the national rate. A strong service sector forms the base of Staffordshire's economy, although its industrial enterprises are also very well-represented and expected to grow. Two universities also propel the local economy, ensuring that the region has a highly skilled and education labour force and a solid base of education employment. With more than 41,000 jobs, the manufacturing and advanced manufacturing sector is strong here and larger than the regional and national averages. Top Jobs in Staffordshire Most of the region’s jobs are concentrated in public services, but there are thousands of positions found in a variety of other industries as well. Jobs in advanced manufacturing sectors like aerospace and automotive increased more than 40 percent in the past four years, and they are expected to continue to expand. Opportunities are also available in business and professional services, tourism, energy production, applied materials and agri-tech. How to Get Hired Presenting a concise, persuasive CV can increase your chances of earning a job interview in your target profession. Make use of LiveCareer's countless CV samples to guide you in crafting a CV that demonstrates your workplace accomplishments, advanced skills and unique qualifications.

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