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South Yorkshire's Economy at a Glance South Yorkshire enjoys a diverse economy that is showing noticeable growth in a variety of important sectors. The metropolitan county is already home to vital industries like manufacturing, healthcare, construction, financial services and chemical, and many groups and government entities are funding critical regeneration schemes. Along with Humber, the region relished its digital industry, which is growing faster here than anywhere else in the country outside of London. The biggest food-producing area in the country, South Yorkshire also boasts a positive rate of economic activity, wages that are on a par with the broader region and country and expanding labour demand. Top Jobs in South Yorkshire Manufacturing, technology, science and tourism are growth industries in the area, and opportunities are also available in the public service, education and health sectors. Nearly 90,000 jobs are supplied by the region's business and financial services companies, and 54,000 jobs are supported by local manufacturing enterprises. How to Get Hired LiveCareer provides step-by-step guidance in applying for and earning your target job, beginning with the composition of a strong and persuasive CV. Browse through LiveCareer's many CV samples to find tips and ideas for organising and refining your CV, and you'll be well on your way to finding that dream job.

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