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Skilled Trades Overview

A piece of advice young people get frequently is to learn a trade and they will always have a job. That little piece of advice still holds true today as there is always plenty of work for skilled trades experts to do. Skilled trades include machinists, welders, carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and a variety of other trades. For many of these professions, a learning period is required that is followed by an apprenticeship. If you do have designs to get into a skilled trade, then give yourself a few years before you have reached the level of trade master.

Why Work In Skilled Trades

The notion that skilled trades are secure careers is very true and you can take your skilled trade training to anywhere in the country and find work. Skilled trades experts also get paid very well, especially after they have put a few years of experience under their belts.

Skilled Trades CV Templates

A hiring manager needs to see your work history and certifications to be able to judge your CV, which is why you need to use the skilled trades CV templates on LiveCareer to make an effective CV. Our skilled trades CV templates will help you to display your qualifications in a professional and effective manner.

Where can I find examples of Skilled Trades CVs online?

LiveCareer has 4429 searchable Skilled Trades CVs in its CV Directory database. These are real CVs created by LiveCareer subscribers using LiveCareer’s CV Builder. Search Skilled Trades CVs by specific job title to find more CVs that are relevant to your career path.

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