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McKinsey & Company - Consultant CV Example

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Danny Sample
808 Sample Street, London, WC1N 1AP | 800-652-8430 | M: 800-867-5309 |
Experienced, highly-motivated professional with a science PhD and top-tier management consulting background. Deeply passionate about sustainability, aiming to make a positive impact on society and the planet.
Education and Training
Certificate: Energy Innovation and Emerging Technology Stanford Center for Professional Development Online
  • Focus areas: solar cells, energy storage, planning for a sustainable future with wind, water, and the sun, and the economics of competing energy technologies
Ph.D.: Chemistry (Chemical Biology) University of California, Berkeley, Energy Biosciences Institute Berkeley, CA, USA
  • Engineered enzymes for bioenergy applications via directed evolution to improve the efficiency and lower the cost of converting cellulosic biomass to 2nd-gen biofuels
  • Winner of a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship
  • Published scientific research in peer-reviewed journals
  • Mentored several undergraduate researchers and co-instructed three courses
A.B.: Chemical & Physical Biology Harvard University Cambridge, MA, USA
  • Graduated Cum Laude
  • Awarded the Hoopes thesis prize for 'outstanding scholarly research' towards creating a preventive genetic therapy for HIV/AIDS
  • Exceptional client counsellor, connecting easily and credibly with senior stakeholders
  • Natural communicator; poised and confident presenter and speaker
  • Creative problem solver, drawing out insights from complicated conceptual problems
  • Proven analytic skills; able to distil huge volumes of complex information / data into lucid conclusions
  • Mentoring and teaching experience; works well in diverse teams
  • Brings positive energy and enthusiasm; adapts easily to new situations
  • Recognised for leadership, energy, and passion in sustainability
  • Software skills: Word, PowerPoint, Excel (including modelling), Outlook, and others
  • Languages: native English, elementary proficiency in French, Spanish, German, Hindi
Selected Experience
03/2016 to Current
Consultant McKinsey & Company London, UK
  • Experienced in problem-solving strategic solutions for public and private sector clients in a wide range of fields
  • Sustainability and Green Team leader; passionate about addressing climate change and transitioning to sustainable, clean energy technologies
  • Co-hosted a climate change expert panel discussion for a diverse range of clients on the implications of climate change for our future as a global community and as business leaders

Accomplishments include:

  • Working with a leading transportation company towards meeting the Paris Climate Change Agreement emissions targets. Developing a greenhouse gas emissions reduction cost curve model for sustainable transport with the opportunity to more broadly influence regulation and other stakeholders (ongoing)
  • Supported an initiative to develop knowledge and insights about the global energy transition resulting from increasingly affordable and scalable renewable energy
  • Built a financial model for a national public-sector initiative to develop scientific innovation hubs to foster scientific development, internal investment, and public-private partnerships
  • Developed plans together with a large healthcare service provider to save more than £37m (6% of cost base) without sacrificing quality of care; a £10m deficit reduction was achieved within months
  • Proposed a comprehensive strategy for a global pharmaceutical company to determine the trajectory of their most important business unit / therapeutic area
  • Organised a board strategy event for the CEO and Chairman of a leading UK retailer (revenue ~£10b) with a comprehensive overview of the retail landscape and innovative future opportunities to push the business forward
  • Co-authored a McKinsey perspective document analysing Brexit implications on UK companies
  • Guided a medical devices company successfully through an EMEA region merger, providing strategic commercial guidance, process mapping, and operations management support; independently analysed a bottleneck business process and worked with multiple stakeholders to develop impactful solutions
  • Supported an incoming CEO of a major retail company on strategy to regain market leadership
  • Modelled complex workforce changes, analysed implications, and devised success strategies for proposed structural changes in a healthcare system
  • Evaluated financial and operating plans of three worldwide regions for the global CFO of a major insurance provider
  • Proposed strategic initiatives for a pharmaceutical vision care manufacturer to gain competitiveness in Europe
08/2013 to 06/2014
Consultant & Team Member CinderBio Berkeley, CA, USA
  • Developed a go-to-market strategy for a biotech start-up in the cleantech space, winning $20k in a US Department of Energy-sponsored clean energy challenge business competition
10/2010 to 07/2014
Consultant CORE Foods Oakland, CA, USA
  • Consulted a not-for-profit, eco-conscious food company on business strategy, product design, packaging, manufacturing, and marketing, catalysing business growth from start-up to more than $1 million in revenue with a national footprint

Travelling to culturally diverse places; enjoying nature and keeping physically active, especially by hiking; playing flute and piano; dancing; cooking

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