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North Yorkshire's Economy at a Glance Affluent North Yorkshire enjoys a diverse economy fuelled by agriculture, energy production, high technology, finance, legal, retail, food and drink, mining and manufacturing industries. Touting 12,000 historic buildings, Fountains Abbey world heritage site and abundant cultural attractions, tourism is an important component to North Yorkshire's economy. Tourism alone generates £7 billion for the entire Yorkshire economy, supports 12 percent of the county's businesses and attracts millions of visitors annually. North Yorkshire's economic indicators are mostly positive, showing high economic activity, strong wages, unemployment that is about half the national average, excellent labour demand and less dependence on public sector employment than the national and regional averages. Top Jobs in North Yorkshire Providing nearly 45,000 jobs in the region, financial and business services sector is the largest private employer. These positions offer ample opportunities for professionals of all skill and educational levels. Retail and wholesale trade is nearly as large as financial and business services, employing 40,500 locals. How to Get Hired The first task of a job search is to compose a thoughtful, organised and persuasive CV that highlights all of your top career achievements, special skills and unique qualifications. You can see the latest trends in CV composition and find tips for perfecting your document by browsing LiveCareer's CV samples.

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