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Merseyside's Economy at a Glance The large metropolitan district of Merseyside is a unique mix of urban, suburban and rural areas, contributing to the area's population of 1.3 million. With five metropolitan boroughs and the City of Liverpool, the economies are diverse and varying in levels of success. Overall, the region's most important industries for growth include advanced manufacturing, life sciences, creative and digital industries, tourism, financial and professional services and low-carbon enterprises. Economic indicators are mixed, but local wages are higher than regional pay rates, and economic activity is on par with regional and national figures. Top Jobs in Merseyside More than a third of all local jobs are in the education, health and public service sectors, while 18 percent, or 94,500 jobs are found in the financial and business service industries. Another 80,000 jobs are in wholesale and retail trades, offering employment for workers of all levels of qualification and experience. How to Get Hired A good first step on your job search is to create a CV that exhibits your key strengths, highlights your career accomplishments and demonstrates a knowledge of your industry or position. To help with your CV development, LiveCareer posts hundreds of CV samples that illuminate how to craft a CV that is successful.

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