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Lincolnshire's Economy at a Glance Lincolnshire's rural landscape teems with extremely fertile farmland, gorgeous seaside settings and a wide variety of unique features. Its rich soil is responsible for an economy that is traditionally agricultural, but spurs other industries such as food processing and manufacturing. Legendary coastal resorts in the county attract thousands of visitors each year, creating a tourism industry that is strong and growing. Other leading industries such as non-food manufacturing, financial and business services, retail and wholesale and government, create an economic environment that includes higher-than-average rates of economic activity. Top Jobs in Lincolnshire The public sector employs about 28 percent of all local workers, and wholesale and retail trade offers opportunities for about 20 percent of the labour force, or 50,000 people. Finance and business services, manufacturing and tourism are also strong options for top jobs. How to Get Hired Attracting the attention of local hiring managers is an important component to your job search, and you can gain that attention with a well-prepared CV. LiveCareer helps you successfully compose your CV by providing you with helpful tips, best practices and hundreds of excellent CV samples.

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