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Leicestershire Leicestershire Economy at a Glance Out of 99 local areas in England, Leicestershire and Rutland were the 12th best performers in economic growth in the UK over the past year. While the UK economy grew by 3.2 percent, the combined economic activity of Leicestershire and Rutland grew by 3.6 percent. With a strong service sector and a mix of global manufacturing brands and small and medium-sized enterprises, the local economy is well-balanced. Unemployment has fallen by 1.3 percent, making it the quickest decrease of any UK region. One fifth of the economy is made up of retail and large distribution centres for major retail groups. Top Jobs in Leicestershire Opportunities are available in the growing private sector, the increasing green economy, and international trade. In the sub-region, there are also job opportunities for workers with varying skill levels. There is potential growth in space-related research and technologies, digital/knowledge-based technology, and transport, bio-medical and health care science technology. How to Get Hired If you've identified a job opportunity for which you'd like to apply, you'll need a proper introduction by way of a well-crafted CV. If you're applying for a variety of jobs, keep in mind that your CV isn't a “one size fits all” document. Be prepared to have different versions specific to various opportunities and organisations. For help creating the right CV for the right job, go to LiveCareer's database of examples for inspiration.

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