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Lancashire Lancashire Economy at a Glance Advanced engineering and manufacturing are especially significant in Lancashire, employing almost 80,000 people and dominating the local economic activity. Lancashire also has the largest concentration in the UK of aerospace production and continues as an important centre for high technology manufacturing. This robust manufacturing base provides a platform for future growth. Energy is a sector that could potentially create new business growth leading to further employment opportunities. It's shale reserves offer potential for economic growth in exploration, extraction and supply chains. A key area that needs to be addressed, however, is the availability of finance to support expansion. Top Jobs in Lancashire The largest employer in the county is the Lancashire County Council, and in the private sector, BAE Military Air Solutions is the largest employer. Booths and Westinghouse Springfields are large private sector employers as well. Other sectors that employ large numbers include the health sector, central government, the four universities in Lancashire, the Lancashire Constabulary and the nuclear industry. How to Get Hired As you conduct your job search and identify opportunities for which you'd like to apply, before you submit your CV, make sure it's well written and that it reflects the position requirements identified by the employer. LiveCareer's vast database of CV examples can be searched by industry or position, and reviewing their well crafted samples can inspire you to successfully write your own.

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