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Kent's Economy at a Glance Buoyed by a long history of defence shipbuilding, manufacturing and agriculture, a convenient proximity to London and a varied workforce, Kent has grown into a region that welcomes a diverse set of industries. It is home to 568,200 jobs, a figure that translates into 2 percent of the entire nation's employment. Top industries in Kent include the wholesale and retail trades, human health and social work, education, administrative and support services, accommodation and food services, manufacturing and construction. The region has also developed a strong foundation of knowledge-based companies and jobs. In fact, the rate of economically active people in the county now surpasses the national rate. Top Jobs in Kent While corporate management jobs are prevalent, Kent jobs are available at every level of training and education. Nearly one-third of local residents are employed in public administration, health and education, 18 percent in retail and about 16 percent in the knowledge economy, all industries that offer a wide variety of positions. How to Get Hired A professional CV can help you find the perfect position in one of Kent's thriving industries. Browse through LiveCareer to find a variety of CV examples that can get you started on your own CV. Spending a little extra time on a CV now can really help your job hunt in the future.

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