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Hertfordshire Hertfordshire Economy at a Glance One of the economic objectives of Hertfordshire is to develop a well-skilled workforce, which is key to economic growth. The county's knowledge based economy is dependant on the skills, education, and abilities of the workforce. The rate of employment for those with no or low qualifications is below the employment rate for the general population. Earnings levels vary across the county, but the workforce on average is well paid. Barriers to growth include access to the highest speed broadband required by knowledge-intensive businesses and the availability of financing for early-stage businesses. In addition, whilst Hertfordshire has the expertise to be a leader in developing renewable energy, it does not compare favourably to neighbouring counties in the uptake of renewable technologies. Top Jobs in Hertfordshire The employment sectors expected to dominate by 2031 are construction; retail and distribution; health, social, education, public and personal services; and business services and waste. Hertfordshire is home to several major exporters and foreign-owned companies as well. Employment prospects seem best among higher level occupations. How to Get Hired Your CV is your primary introduction to a prospective employer, and you want to ensure that you've presented your qualifications, education, and experience in a way that identifies you as someone worthy of an interview. For assistance and inspiration in crafting your CV, go to LiveCareer's database of industry-specific CV examples.

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