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Hampshire's Economy at a Glance High-tech and knowledge-based industries provide a majority of the jobs in the heavily populated parts of Hampshire. Southampton is the largest producer of jobs in Hampshire County, which is noted for its large volume of commuter employees. Tourism is a big part of the region's economy, especially in the New Forest area. However, annual events and local attractions provide tourism-related jobs throughout the county. Agriculture remains a major industry in the more rural parts of the county, although it has declined since its 20th century peak. Southampton and Portsmouth are major port cities producing steady commerce-related jobs. Top Jobs in Hampshire Hampshire offers a fairly balanced mix of skilled and entry-level jobs. Top Hampshire employers include North Hampshire Hospital, Ordnance Survey, a national mapping agency, the University of Portsmouth and the University of Winchester. The dockyard in Southampton remains a steady source of employment for local residents. The Ford Motor Company has an assembly plant in the county that provides local manufacturing jobs. How to Get Hired We're your go-to source for the latest information on the Hampshire job market. In addition to updated listings on career opportunities throughout the region, LiveCareer also has helpful tools you can use in your efforts to get hired, including detailed templates that can help you put the finishing touches on your own CV.

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