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Essex's Economy at a Glance Essex is divided into two main economic sectors, with the southern part of the county being primarily industrial and the majority of the lands directly within Essex used for agricultural purposes. However, there are other industries that thrive in different parts of the county. For instance, electronics, science and pharmaceutical companies are primarily found in Harlow and Chelmsford is home to many electronics companies. Additional industries generating significant jobs in Essex include technology, finance, transportation and tourism. Top Jobs in Essex With its British headquarters located in Essex, the Ford Motor Company is a major source for local jobs and apprenticeship opportunities. The Guardian reports an expected increase in hiring by transportation and communications companies based in Essex. For job seekers with advanced degrees, top employers in the area include the University of Essex and South Essex College. Employers in the agricultural and childcare sectors continue to provide career opportunities for Essex job seekers. The retail sector remains strong throughout Essex, with top employers including Marks and Spencer and Olympus Industrial. How to Get Hired Increase your odds of getting hired by taking a moment to browse the job listings and CV examples you'll find on LiveCareer. Top off your CV with a customized cover letter and you'll be poised to make a good impression on a potential Essex employer.

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