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East Sussex's Economy at a Glance East Sussex has been traced back to the 5th century AD, building itself over the centuries on manual trades like iron making, fishing and the manufacture of wool. Today, East Sussex is economically characterised by the self-employed, finance, green tech, advanced engineering and creative industries. The Local Economic Assessment Duty 2009 act was put into place to promote economic development by local authorities. Since put into place, East Sussex, as a unit, strives to design a diversified private business sector, successfully opening new doors in employment for everyone. Top Jobs in East Sussex Whether you prefer to work at a desk or get outdoors, East Sussex has something for every candidate. You can start out as a customer delivery assistant if your licence passes muster. There are also great opportunities for experiences that align with PA administration, stock room labourers and homestay coordinators. How to Get Hired If you hope to get hired for the best jobs in East Sussex, you need to have the best qualifications. Hiring managers will be strategically reviewing CVs that show promise. Make sure your credentials highlight not merely your best talents, but why those talents apply to the company and position in question. By not adhering to this all-important guideline, you risk having your CV end up in the NOT INTERESTED pile.

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