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Dorset's Economy at a Glance Dorset's governing bodies are actively promoting the growth of business and job opportunities in its district. With over 30,000 companies among its 260,000 plus hectares, the county accents the region's ease of access with three commercial ports and active road and rail infrastructure. Top Jobs in Dorset Major employers in the county demonstrate the variety of opportunities job seekers can explore. There's BAE Systems, JPMorgan, Cobham plc, Bournemouth University and Sunseeker International. Fishing for crab and lobster play a prominent role in trade and tourism with over 200 fishing vessels filling Dorset's ports and smaller harbours. Manufacturing constitutes a little over 10 percent of employment, making it one of the county's largest employers. Like many of its neighboring counties, Dorset is a highly regarded day visit and holiday destination. That makes it prime real estate for tourism and hospitality. Resorts, restaurants and fishing play a major role in Dorset's economy and employment prospects. How to Get Hired Seasoned fisherman or sales assistant, to get the job means impressing hiring managers. That means knowing what you have to offer and how it applies to any given position. Spend time reviewing job postings, carefully matching your attributes to the employer's qualifications. And always craft a CV that reiterates what the job description asks for.

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