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Devon's Economy at a Glance Agriculture continues to be a major component of Devon's economic prosperity and has been since the 19th century. Like many counties in the region, its natural beauty, architecture and sites are a big draw. That makes tourism a major job market influence, providing a broad range of opportunities in everything from engineering and management to manual labour. Factor in opportunities in neighboring, commutable districts such as Somerset, Dorset and Cornwall, and candidates can look forward to healthy chances at finding a job or career that matches any level of skill, education, lifestyle or background. Top Jobs in Devon Perhaps you have the skill for restoring fire and flood damaged homes, making you ideal for in-plant assistant. Maybe you are a patient individual with a valid and clean driving history, making you qualified to instruct others for their full driving licence. Talented candidates can get into social work as a children's services assistant. Food services offers catering assistants, cooks and chefs. Of course, there are plenty of prospects in tourism, like arrival host at the airport. How to Get Hired The first step to getting hired is crafting the kind of credentials that impress recruiters and hiring managers. LiveCareer has a wealth of information for designing the CV that highlights your skill and the cover letter that will demonstrate why your CV should be closely reviewed.

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