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County Durham's Economy at a Glance Its economic growth may have come out of the mining industry, but County Durham has developed into a community as diverse in business as it is in culture and lifestyles. While farming and related fields are still prominent, the region hosts a non-agricultural population that fits every talent. It will simply be a matter of maintaining the patience needed for job searches alongside using trusted resources for those searches. Top Jobs in County Durham From sales to cleaning to management, County Durham has vacancies in all range of fields. One can find full and part time work, apprenticeships and internships, volunteer opportunities, second jobs, manual labour, etc., throughout the region and its surrounding areas. If qualified, become a secure centre manager, youth worker, administrator, head teacher, cleaners, finds liaison officer, environmental health office and more. How to Get Hired Before submitting credentials, make sure you have the exacting qualifications listed in the job description. There is nothing more frustrating to hiring managers than CVs sent their way by hopefuls. Hiring managers want to see strong experience and capability, whether you are a school leaver, hotel cleaner, landscaper or executive. Utilising a resource like LiveCareer is a great way to make sure your credentials are up to par. You can create a CV, cull thousands of listings and even apply through an easy-to-use process.

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