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Cheshire Cheshire Economy at a Glance Cheshire is one of the strongest performing economies in England, characterised by an active resident population and highly skilled workforce. There are distinctive specialisms in high value engineering, professional and business services, energy, agri-tech and biological engineering. About one fifth of employment is in export intensive industries. The private sector jobs provide a high density of jobs, and there is also a mix of international companies and established medium sized companies. Cheshire's proximity to international transport linkages provides added benefit to the area's economy. Top Jobs in Cheshire Key business sectors in Cheshire that require specific skills include advanced engineering; life sciences, food and chemicals; ICT and digital; financial and professional services; and energy and the environment. In addition, the biotechnology and pharmaceuticals sector is key to Cheshire's economy, with 7,000 employees employed by 30 companies. How to Get Hired As you conduct your job search, you need to be aware of not only the kind of job you're looking for, but also the kind of employee you'll be. That information should be evident in your CV so that potential employers can evaluate your skills against their job requirements. They'll also be judging you on the quality of your CV itself. To ensure you've crafted a well-written resume, turn to LiveCareer for examples of CVs suited to your particular industry to help you get started.

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