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Buckinghamshire's Economy at a Glance Buckinghamshire is part of the Berkshire and Oxfordshire region with service based industries at its center. Buckinghamshire is noted for a high quality of life and the region's highest GDP per capita. With its southern region being a prosperous commuter hub, agricultural prospects are a major employer. Top Jobs in Buckinghamshire Like many parts of the area, Buckinghamshire has lots of open spaces and waterways. That makes it fertile for agriculture. But there are plenty of other opportunities in the job market. Pharmaceuticals is a major employer and manufacturing, such as the making of furniture, offer plenty of rewarding prospects. Alongside these outstanding industries, job seekers with the right CV can look to become customer service assistants, registrars, turnaround train cleaners, porters and stockroom labourers. How to Get Hired No one in Buckinghamshire has to struggle to find good prospects. Of course, every candidate will need to evaluate their skill, background and work history, establishing what they have to offer the market. Whether school leaver or CEO, everyone needs to compile a CV that has the right credentials. It doesn't have to be a difficult process. Fortunately, you're in the right place. LiveCareer has all the tools a candidate needs for everything from designing the finest CVs to impressing hiring managers with interviewing skills.

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