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Berkshire's Economy at a Glance Berkshire has long had a significant impact in the information technology industry. Major players like Hewlett-Packard and Fujitsu maintain local operations in the area. Both Oracle and Microsoft have planted roots as well. ING Direct is also headquartered in the area. Real estate giant Slough has a strong presence in Berkshire as well. Top Jobs in Berkshire Agriculture has a strong foothold in Berkshire's economy. There's dairy farming, and the town is noted for its production of cheese. In fact, agriculture is probably the largest industry here. That means jobs for agriculture apprentices and school leavers, food processors, market researchers, veterinarians, engineers and labourers. How to Get Hired If you want to get hired, be sure to carefully assess what you bring to the table. It's not only a waste of time to hiring managers when candidates apply for jobs that obviously aren't qualified for. It's a waste of time for the job seeker who should be focusing energy on finding the right slot. Unfortunately, what happens all the time is candidates hopefully apply for jobs that they want or need, not the ones that fit their CVs. Let LiveCareer help you define the parameters of your job search, helping to ensure you only apply to the right jobs with all the right credentials on your side.

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