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Architecture Overview

Architecture is one of the more interesting professions in the UK because it gives you a chance to be creative, while comparing your work to some of the greatest structures in history. Whether you are remodeling a medieval theater or building a new structure next to castle from the 1400's, it is easy to see why so many people get into the dynamic and fascinating field of architecture all over the UK.

Why Work in Architecture

Many areas of the UK, especially London, are growing rapidly and the demand for architects has been very high for years. Architecture is one of those fields where, with a little bit of experience and a lot of talent, you can climb very quickly up the corporate ladder. Many areas of Scotland and Ireland are also engaged in major remodeling and restoration projects, which can be extremely rewarding for an architect both professionally and financially.

Architecture CV Templates

While the demand for architects is growing across the UK, the competition for those prestigious positions is also strong. That is why you need to use the architecture CV examples from LiveCareer. By using the broad array of architecture CV examples offered by LiveCareer, you can formulate your credentials in a manner that will appeal to hiring managers all over the country.

Where can I find examples of Architecture CVs online?

LiveCareer has 454 searchable Architecture CVs in its CV Directory database. These are real CVs created by LiveCareer subscribers using LiveCareer’s CV Builder. Search Architecture CVs by specific job title to find more CVs that are relevant to your career path.

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